What is Open Box?

Woman Kynd are pleased to announce we now have an "Open Box" system on orders. Which gives your the option to build your orders over a period of time and group into one delivery cost, which can save you money but also make sure your don't miss out on any favourites or limited edition products.

It is also a great way to build up a stash and pay as you go really treating yourself for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays. It's also a great way to keep items away from prying eyes until they are required.


How to select an Open Box:

  1. Choose your items as normal and add to your cart
  2. Select OPEN BOX at the checkout - delivery will not be charged, you can do this as many times as you want!
  3. Complete your order and we will keep your items aside.
  4. Shop as many times as you like, selecting OPEN BOX as the delivery option.
  5. When you're ready to close your box, simply select the CLOSE BOX method of delivery at checkout. You will be charged a flat rate of £3.50 for shipping at this point. 

Your box will not be shipped until you close it by selecting CLOSE BOX at the checkout and paying for your postage.

If you are interested in this option but require further information get in touch on any of the Woman Kynd social media platforms, or by emailing info@womankynd.co.uk